Leukemia – Diego needs help

Music, especially playing the tuba, is his passion and orchestral music is the 29-year-old Diego’s career aspiration. The Colombian had to interrupt his music studies in Nuremberg for the second time half a year ago. The reason: leukemia. His residence permit is linked to his studies. Therefore, he is not entitled to state aid to cover the costs of living, health insurance and additional payments. The Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung, Help for Leukaemia and Tumor Patients, therefore urgently calls for monetary donations.

Music student has leukemia for the second time

After winning several musical rewards in his home country Colombia, Diego came to Germany seven years ago with a scholarship from the Colombian government in his pocket. His goal: to study the tuba at a college of music. A scholarship from the Heinrich Böll Foundation enabled him to continue and deepen his studies. Then in 2017 the shock: Acute lymphatic leukemia (ALL). He had to interrupt his studies and therefore the financial support provided by the scholarship had to be paused. „I had to invest all my strength and financial resources, which I had actually planned to use for my studies and to build up my career as an orchestral musician, in the treatment and my livelihood,“ says Diego. The transplantation of healthy blood stem cells from a foreign donor saved his life.

Then a few months ago, bad news: The leukemia is back. Once again his life is at stake. Returning to Colombia is beyond question: „The costly and vital treatment cannot be guaranteed there,“ explains the doctor in charge. But there is hope: „The doctors are optimistic that I can get well with a second stem cell transplant,“ says Diego. At his side are friends, acquaintances and teachers. His mother came to support him during the high-risk treatment of a second transplantation.

Donation appeal for Diego

He has to fight the battle against leukemia on his own. But anyone can help him in
supporting his living and medical costs. Diego: „My father and brother lives on the edge of poverty in Colombia. I cannot expect any help from them. Financial help that would allow me to bridge the next six months, cover my rent, food costs, travel costs to the hospital, health insurance contributions and hospital co-payments, physiotherapy and manual therapy would be invaluable to me!“(az)

Donations account: Intended purpose: „Diego“ Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld: IBAN: DE35 5625 0030 0000 0797 90 SWIFT‐BIC: BILADE55XXX


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